10 Lifestyle Factors to Alter Before Your Mummy Makeover

Having a baby is a beautiful thing, but it’s a life-changing one. Taking care of an infant is far more intensive than many people realise, and while it’s a blessing and a gift, it’s also a lot of work. Plus, the very fact of growing a life inside you changes your body.

Many mums expect the increase in weight, but being pregnant does other things to your body too. For most women, their hair gets longer and thicker, their cup size increases, their nipples darken, their hips widen, and their uterus expands.

All these biological changes are designed to help your new baby. Your bigger breasts will provide milk, your wider hips will facilitate childbirth, and your growing uterus is your baby’s first bedroom. Healthy hair is just a side effect of hormonal changes. Enjoy it.

After you’ve had your baby, a lot of these changes will reverse themselves. Your uterus will shrink, and usually, your breast size does too. Your thick hair will likely fall off as well, unfortunately. But some of the other changes are not so quick to leave.

You will retain the new width of your hips, and your baby fat may be that much harder to shed. Your breasts will change because they might lose volume and end up being saggy. You’ll probably have stretch marks, and your areola will remain a darker shade than it was before childbirth.

Once your baby is big enough, you can undergo surgery to reverse some of these changes. Mummy makeovers can lift your breasts, contour your figure, and improve your overall shape. You might not get your pre-baby body, but you’ll still look pretty hot.


10 Things You Should Change Before Mummy Makeover

As you prepare to bring your sexy back, there are a few lifestyle changes you need to consider. They will help your body respond to surgery, speed up your healing time, and improve your overall health.

Change Your Mindset

Many cosmetic surgery patients think of their procedure as a quick fix. They think it will resolve all their problems and give them the body they always wanted. While surgery can improve the way you look, it won’t necessarily change your self-image. Plus, the results won’t necessarily be what you expect. Find a good surgeon, and keep an open mind. And remember, surgical results are only as good as your lifestyle. Your mummy makeover will remove excess fat, but if you maintain an unhealthy lifestyle, the pounds will pile back on.

Start Reading

Most patients are happy with the results of their surgeries, but a few are unsatisfied. Some become addicted to surgery, asking for more and more procedures. Others find that their outward appearance doesn’t match their inner image of themselves, so they don’t see themselves as others do. Research your procedure. Look at before-and-after pictures. Talk to your surgeon and form a realistic view of what to expect. Find out typical side effects, so that you can identify unusual symptoms and know when to call your surgeon.

Eat Healthy

As mentioned above, eating healthy will help you maintain your gorgeous new shape, but this applies to before surgery as well. Mummy makeovers are not weight loss tools. They can get rid of stubborn fat around your tummy and flanks, the kind that diet and exercise can’t excise. But before you qualify for surgery, you have to get down to a healthy weight. Obesity is a surgery risk, so before you sign up, adopt a healthy diet and reach a healthy BMI.

Do Some Exercise

Working out will help you slim down, but it will also improve your mood, boost your circulation, and reduce your stress levels. Plus, if you get into the habit of exercise before surgery, you’re more likely to keep it up afterwards and maintain your gorgeous new hard-earned body. You don’t have to qualify for cross-fit. Just get your blood pumping and burn calories. Try power walking, cycling, aerobic dancing, or even skating. If you pick a fun form of exercise, it’ll be easier to stick with it.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking two litres of water a day keeps your body refreshed, excretes toxins, and makes your skin supple and smooth. It also reduces eye bags and sunken sockets, while helping you heal from wounds and infections. It’s a hard habit to get into, so the sooner you start, the better. You can use an app to keep score or make it competitive with friends and spouses. While your body can extract water from milk, coffee, juice, food, and other beverages, you’ll get the most benefit by imbibing clean unsweetened water.

Stop Drinking

The stereotype is that mummies like to drink a lot of wine, to counteract the stress of looking after children. As long as you’re not breastfeeding, and as long as you don’t overdo it, alcohol in itself is fine. However, alcohol is a diuretic, so it dehydrates you. It also has a lot of calories. Your glass of red wine or Baileys clocks over 100 calories, while beer is closer to 150. Keep your weight down and your body healthy by avoiding alcohol in the run up to your surgery, and if you can, drop it from your diet altogether.

Stop Smoking

It’s said that tobacco is the only drug that kills you when used properly. While cancer scares, bad breath, and stained teeth are not an issue related to cosmetic surgery, smoking does have adverse effects. It leaves you more susceptible to infections, and it limits your body’s ability to utilise oxygen. Nicotine also reacts adversely to certain medications, which can interfere with your surgery. If you’re unable to quit completely, stop smoking a few weeks before and after your procedure.

Ease off The Pain Pills

Certain types of pain medication like Advil and aspirin contain blood thinners. While this can control pain and inflammation, it also reduces clotting. If your blood can’t coagulate, it can lead to life-threatening complications during surgery. For two to three weeks before and after surgery, you should stay off these meds. To be safe, avoid over-the-counter treatments during that period. If you’re regularly using any other shots or pills, talk it over with your surgeon to see if it’s okay to keep taking them.

Try to Relax

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is having a sound body and mind. If you’re under a lot of stress, you are likely to self-medicate with food, drugs, and alcohol, and all these will affect your weight as well as restricting your body’s ability to heal itself. Find wholesome ways to relax, such as leisurely walks, breathing exercises or yoga. Take up a hobby to let off steam.

Get Some Help

If you’re a stay-at-home mum, you’re probably used to doing everything yourself. Even if you work outside the house, chances are you still handle the bulk of child rearing and household tasks. Once you have your surgery, you’ll be out of commission for a while, so start getting your family (and colleagues) used to the idea that superwoman will be unavailable. If your Type A personality always takes charge, you need to get yourself used to it as well. Take a back seat and delegate, so that after surgery, your body has time to heal fully.

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