Baby Boomers and plastic surgery

Image Source: The Monthly

Why do Baby Boomers love plastic surgery?

Baby Boomers are part of a growing demographic exploring the opportunities available in plastic surgery.

In fact, since 2005, elective cosmetic surgery and non-invasive plastic surgery have grown by 65 per cent and 87 per cent respectively!

It seems that unlike many of generations past, Baby Boomers are not likely to go out as shrinking violets, so why are so many opting to go under the knife?


Plastic surgery has never been more effective

Much has been learned since the early days where procedures meant severe and sometimes obvious results.

Now, with advancements in technology, tools and techniques, cosmetic surgery can be as inconspicuous as it is effective.

This means that more Baby Boomers are able, with confidence, to fix problem areas that have been a source of discomfort such as skin tags, heavy eyelids and more.

Even more so, Baby Boomers can choose the degree of change and intervention like never before.


We’re working longer

It’s no secret that the workforce is aging as Baby Boomers opt to delay retirement. In many cases, individuals would rather stay active in a profession or activity they love than shuffle off quietly to potter in the garden.

The desire to remain looking youthful and fresh often prompts Baby Boomers to explore minor adjustments – like Botox and fillers – to ease some of the deeper lines to better reflect how they truly feel.


The dating scene is red-hot

Baby Boomers are also part of a large section of society exploring life after marriage. No different than changing your hair or makeup, lots of single men and women are electing to make minor changes so they look their very best as they take the plunge in a new and exciting dating scene.


Retirement should be for having fun

Grandparents of previous generations were known for looking how they felt – exhausted and dowdy.

Having been exposed to better healthcare and nutrition, Baby Boomers are among the first to enter retirement without significant healthcare needs.

With so many reasons to enjoy a full, active and exciting retirement, why wouldn’t you want to look how you feel with an expert refresh?


Procedures can be done quickly with little down-time

Plastic surgery used to be an intensive undertaking for patients with extended healing and recovery for once uncommon procedures.

However, with the introduction of advancements in products and techniques, patients are able to make dramatic changes to their appearance without invasive procedures in as little as a lunch-hour.

This ability to have an effective procedure done quickly, and return to normal duties within an afternoon or a few days, has meant that access to fast and proven treatments have never been more desirable.


Undoing years of poor care

Australia is a land of sun worshippers, or more correctly, used to be.

The dangers of sun exposure, smoking and alcohol are now widely known, so many Baby Boomers are using plastic surgery, such as face lifts, to undo much of the premature wear a carefree lifestyle has encouraged. From turkey necks to sunspots, Baby Boomers are investing in effective treatments to wind back the clock.

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