Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have trouble getting or maintaining an erection long enough to last for satisfying sexual intercourse. The condition usually occurs when there is not enough blood to fill the erectile tissue in the penis due to the nerves, muscles and blood circulatory system not working well together. The dysfunction has been reported common amongst older men in their 50ies and 60ies as health issues that block blood flow increase with age, but since research has found that erectile dysfunction can not only be caused by physical but also psychological factors such as stress, performance anxiety or simply unhealthy habits like alcohol and nicotine abuse, ED has also been diagnosed in large numbers among young men under the age of 40. For men suffering from erectile dysfunction it is important to know, that in a lot of cases, the dysfunction can be treated with either medical aid or psychotherapy.

However, erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of a serious health condition and when a man experiences the problem not being able to maintain his erection frequently, it is best to see a doctor and have an open conversation about the issue and get a check-up for proper diagnosis and treatment.

High blood pressure is a possible cause for ED, as well as clogged arteries since keeping the penis erect requires healthy blood circulation. The condition is also linked to men suffering from diabetes because high levels of blood glucose can damage the blood vessels responsible for blood supply during an erection. Another risk factor of not being able to perform satisfactorily in bed is obesity, as well as hormonal disorders such as high or low thyroid levels and low testosterone. Fitness fanatics who take in steroids to increase muscle mass also run a higher risk for ED.

Sexual arousal that leads to an erection always starts in the brain, but the process can be interfered by depression and anxiety, resulting in poor blood circulation. Psychological causes such as stress at work, about money as well as relationship problems or drug abuse can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

To be able to get back to a healthy sex life, lifestyle changes such as exercising more frequently, making healthier food choices or minimize cigarette and alcohol use can help resolve ED in young men. There have also been patients who took great benefits in solutions like medications, counselling or sex therapy.

In order to treat ED, medication such as oral strips has surfaced the market to help men keep their erection. The prescription medicine dissolves in the mouth and should be taken 30-60 minutes before sexual activity to help open the blood vessels in the penis to increase blood flow, which eventually leads to an erection.

For young men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is inevitable to stay positive and despite it being an uncomfortable topic really important to discuss the issue with their partner. Unfortunately, sexual problems are a common neglected topic within relationships but having one partner suffer from a condition means, the other one is also affected by it. Beyond the damage done to a couple’s sex life, lack of communication can trigger emotional issues as well, which might even contribute further to the emotional aspects of ED. Experts say that it is essential for a healthy relationship to be able to talk about such sensitive issues and address the problem together to be able to work past it maybe even with the help of a therapist. Nevertheless, it is important for any man dealing with ED to schedule an appointment with a health professional, as the condition may be a sign of other health problems. Once the condition is addressed directly with a doctor, it will not only lead to faster results but also treatment options.

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