What to Expect from Your First Dental Check-Up in A Very Long Time

Have you been avoiding the dentist? Naughty, naughty! Going to the dentist more than necessary is hardly anyone’s favourite pastime and should be avoided at all costs by adhering to a strict dental hygiene regime. But due to our fast-paced life and certain life choices, you’re bound to require some dental work over the years. If you’re reading this and feeling a little guilty, then you’re probably overdue for a check-up and should book into your dentist as soon as possible.

In this post, we take a look at some of the work you might need to get done after your well overdue check-up. Hopefully, you don’t get a major shock – but if work needs doing then you will need to get onto it ASAP.


Filling the Gaps

If you haven’t been taking care of your teeth and making some bad consumption choices, such as cigarettes, sugar, and alcohol, you will probably need to get fillings. Sugars will stick to your teeth and cause decay if you don’t brush regularly enough. The decay turns into holes and fillings are designed to fill the holes and prevent further tooth decay. It’s a simple and relatively low cost procedure.


Clean them Pearly Whites

It’s standard procedure to get a clean when you get a check-up. It makes sense because you’re already in the chair, so you may as well service your snappers and have them looking bright and shiny while you’re there. The cleaning procedure will vary depending on how stained your teeth are. Your dentist will advise you of the best option and guide you through the process.


Gum Disease

Poor dental hygiene can lead to a myriad of problems and one of those that is not to be taken lightly is gum disease. Gum disease occurs when there is a build-up of bad bacteria in the mouth. It has also been linked to all sorts of nasty ailments such as cancer. It can also be a signal for failing liver and kidneys – that’s the worst-case scenario. If detected early, your dentist can advise you on how to rid yourself of gum disease.


Crowns and Implants

If your teeth are beyond recognition, you might need implants. If you have missing teeth or have rotten teeth, an implant can be screwed into your jaw to replace a broken or missing tooth. This is a costly procedure, but it is definitely recommended to replace missing teeth. Crowns are solid caps that fit over the tooth and will set you back roughly 1000 dollars. They are used when a tooth is cracked or chipped.


Bring on the Pain

Putting off the dentist for a long time to avoid the pain will cause you more pain when you do eventually succumb to your aching teeth and get your sorry backside to the dentist. The laundry list of dental problems that have piled up in your absence will have to be treated over multiple visits for long periods of time in the dentist chair. Luckily, dentists, these days are efficient at minimising the invasive and painful nature of the treatment.


The Bill

If you have been putting off a trip to the dentist for a lengthy period of time and require a lot of dental work, then you might be in for a large sum of money. The longer you leave your dental issues the worse they get and in turn, you will be visiting the dentist more frequently and shelling out your hard earned dough. It’s best to prevent rather than cure and that involves an impeccable dental hygiene routine and regular check-ups at the dentist. So don’t get caught out – book into your dentist today.


Expect Your Dentist to Give You a Lecture

Don’t be surprised if your dentist gives you a lecture on oral hygiene and they may even give you a fact sheet that is clearly aimed at children on how to clean your teeth! While you’re sitting in the chair with your mouth pried open, your dentist will give you a parent-style ear-bashing regardless of your age. No one is too old for dental health education.

So if any of this resonates with you, don’t waste any more time. Put down that candy bar and book into your local dentist immediately for your health, general well-being – and don’t forget your bank balance.


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