Having the “Gear” Helps You Get into Your Workout

When you look great, you feel great. There’s no doubt about it. Which can be hard to do sometimes – especially at the gym. I mean, you’re sweating like it’s going out of fashion, possibly contorting your face into some sort of crazy grimace, and literally putting all your effort into something. If you combine that with wearing your travel singlet from 2004, some ugly old gym shorts, and paint splattered sneakers, then you’re probably not going to be feeling so hot on even on the way to the equipment!

But if you’re looking fierce, then you’re going to feel great on the way to the equipment. It’s going to be more like, “Yes, I look freakin awesome, let’s do this!”, rather than, “Ugh, let’s get this over with before someone I know sees me”.

So yes – the right clothes can really start your workout off on the right note, believe it or not. It’s not just about people taking pics on Instagram in their gym clothes and not even hitting the gym, it’s about wearing them to make you feel good to get pumped up for your workout.

So, let’s talk about putting your best foot forward when it comes to workout clothes. There’s a few rules of thumb that you should follow so that you feel your absolute best when it comes time to hit the gym in your new outfit.

Rule 1: Choose high quality goods

Low quality gym gear, like the type that you might pick up at your local discount retailer, might look okay, especially from a distance, but they are not designed as well as other gym clothes. They are inferior quality and will either not breathe well during your workout, bunch up unexpectedly, not provide ample support, or quickly fall apart. It’s worth investing in quality gym gear. It feels great, wears well, and holds you up when you need it. Treat yourself!

Rule 2: Find out your colours

Have you ever found out which colours best suited you? Seasonal colour analysis groups people into seasonal colour groups to determine which colours look best on them. This is done by a combination of your eye colour, skin colour, and natural hair colour, and is surprisingly effective! If you want to look the best in your gym gear (and your other clothes, too), we recommend doing a test to see which colours look best on you. You can find free ones online, like this one from The Chic Fashionista.

Rule 3: Buy mix and match pieces

Gym gear can get quite pricey, so when you’re shopping, make sure that you pick out mix and match pieces that you can start building your wardrobe from. While crazy patterns can be fun, you want to make sure that you can swap out the other piece of the outfit with something else just as easily. This way, your wardrobe goes further without too much effort. Many people choose to go with a black base for most of their gym gear for this very reason.

Rule 4: Rep your gym, or your fave supplements or equipment company

Love your gym, supps, or equipment? Show your support by wearing their brand on your chest, arm, or… bum? Pretty much all the big names – and lots of the smaller names, too – have their own line of gear that you can purchase. So if you’re really digging your Muscle Pharm or other goods then why not get out there and put them on your body?

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