Why You Need A Dentist That is Always Investing in Technology

Within the past two decades, technology has advanced at a rate that is almost impossible to keep up with. New knowledge is being created, old processes are being improved, and high tech gadgets are becoming more affordable and accessible. Every single industry has been affected in one way or another within this 20 year period, and dentistry is not an exception.

So much has changed in dentistry in the past 20 years. Some procedures that were accepted as standard practice twenty years ago have been made obsolete by the discovery of better techniques. New tools are being introduced in the market every year. Better medication is being developed, and the interaction between the dentist and the client has been revolutionised by improvements in communication technology.

When you first interact with a dentist, it is important to establish whether they are keeping up with the times regarding adopting the technology. It might be an indicator of whether you are going to have a horrible experience dealing with them.

The most obvious reason for having a dentist who is responsive to technological changes is that you will have better dental health. Technology always improves the health outcomes of any procedure. Let’s take dental surgery. In medieval ‘dental’ practices, very crude tools were used in performing dental procedures. Over the years, better tools were introduced, more effective anaesthesia was discovered, and oral health outcomes were improved.

Currently, laser surgery is the safest and most painless way to carry out most dental surgery procedures. If your dentist offers dental surgery, then you are less likely to get infections and your recovery time will be measured in days. You get better dental care when your dentist invests in technology.

It also signifies that your dentist keeps track of developments in dental practice, which is a good sign. There is more to changes in dental practice that does not involve visible high tech gadgets. Even the best tools in the world cannot save you from an incompetent dentist. But if you notice that your dentist responds fast to acquire new technology, then that means that they are also on the lookout for new knowledge.

Dental research has grown over the past few decades, and discoveries are always being made. A dentist who keeps track of developments in their field is a dentist that is dedicated to their craft. And you want to work with a dentist that is continuously trying to improve.

Technology investment is another sign that your dentist is flourishing financially. A dentist that can afford to make high tech purchases is a popular dentist. And a popular dentist is one who provides quality services to their clients. Therefore, financial success and liquidity can be seen as another form of positive client review. If a dentist doesn’t provide satisfactory services, then they would not be getting enough clients to enable them to purchase new gadgets as they are developed.

Similarly, a dentist that does not have sufficient funds to continuously improve their equipment might be lacking enough funds to adequately provide you with other services. Maybe they can’t afford competent staff, and only hire cheap assistants that couldn’t cut it in professional dental practices. Maybe they dispense expired drugs since they can’t afford to replenish their medication inventory. In any industry, success and competency are intertwined. You are better served by a dentist that has the financial muscle to provide quality services.

Thanks to developments in online communications platforms and smart mobile technology, it is now easier for dentists to interact with their patients. Most dentists maintain a presence on popular social media platforms so that they are more accessible to their clients. Some even provide reminder apps that are synced to their appointment calendar so that patients are sent notifications about upcoming appointments. Dentists that adopt these technological tools show genuine care in their patients’ welfare, which is a good indicator that you are working with the right dentist.

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