Phases of Recovery Following Rhinoplasty Surgery

Want to know how your recovery is going to go after you have rhinoplasty? Today we give a brief guide to the recovery process – your milestones, when you can return to work, check ups with the doctor, etc., etc. Knowing this timeline in advance can help you to prepare better and more effectively for your upcoming rhinoplasty surgery. Know what you’re getting yourself into before you go under the knife.

Straight after surgery

After having your rhinoplasty surgery, you’ll feel a bit groggy and a bit sore too, after waking up from your anaesthetic. Usually, you’re only a day patient, so you can have a friend or family member drive you home after having surgery and a little recovery time in the hospital. As the pain medication wears off from your surgery you may want to top it up – the doctor will have prescribed some medicine to help deal with it. Your nose will be bandaged, and you will likely have a drip tray in place to stop any blood. You’ll feel sinus congestion that might feel a bit odd. Take it easy and let your friend or family member do everything for you today.

The first two to three days

After the surgery, these are the most uncomfortable days in your rhinoplasty recovery process. Your nose will still not be working correctly, and you might still be in some pain. Take the prescribed medicine if you are not feeling great. You’ll need to sleep propped up in bed, or in a recliner chair to help with rhinoplasty recovery. Make sure not to bend over, and definitely, don’t blow your nose. If advised, you may do nasal irrigation.

The rest of the first week

At the end of the first week, you will have your splint removed from your nose, in a check up at your surgeon’s office. Once you see how your new nose looks you might be a bit surprised – but don’t worry, it’s probably just looking a little strange because you’re still quite swollen. Many people choose to go back to work at this point, so long as they are not involved in heavy duties. Those wanting a little more time to recover may stretch this out to 2 weeks.

Week two

All your bruising and the majority of your swelling will have gone down by around the end of the second week after your surgery. This means that if you’ve haven’t yet returned to work because you’ve been concerned about your appearance, that now’s a good time to do so.

Week three & four

By around week four you can return to most exercising and duties – although don’t do anything too exertive just yet. You’ll probably come in for another check up with the surgeon at the end of the fourth week, just 1 month after you’ve had your surgery. There he or she will check that everything is on track with your recovery.

Month two and three

BY the end of the third month, everything will be pretty much settled, and you’ll be able to see your new nose properly, with hardly any swelling. Any scars will keep fading. You may come back in for another check up with the surgeon, depending on the practice.

One year

At one year following your rhinoplasty, you will have completely healed, and there should be no evidence of having undergone surgery. You may have another check up with your surgeon to see that everything is A-okay and that you’ve healed completely as expected. You will likely look in the mirror and see no evidence of your rhinoplasty surgery at this point.

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