Quick tips to build muscle mass

Gaining muscle mass is one of the most difficult things to achieve at the gym. Most people spend weeks lifting weights and running the track with little to show for it. Surprisingly, gaining muscle weight is can be very simple, if everything is done correctly. The reason for the numerous frustrations and disappointments in the gym lies behind the lack of discipline to balance all the factors necessary to achieve optimum muscle gain. Professional trainers understand the dynamics behind a good workout. Moreover, they are also aware that building muscle mass goes beyond the gym. If you are working out and you want to see results here are some tips for gaining muscle mass.


Prepare well for your workout

More often than not people have unproductive workout session due to poor pre-workout preparation. It is important to get the right mental focus to see through your workout routine. Moreover, working out is a physically draining activity and without enough energy, you may burn out before your regimen is done. There are numerous pre-workout formulas on the market but the Staunch PRE Original stands out from the rest. This energy-packed formula delivers quality ingredients in efficacious doses. It not only heightens you mental focus but also gives you the physical boost to push the limits and maximize on your workout.


Do the workouts properly

It’s not surprising to find a person using workout machines wrongly or adopting the wrong body posture for a workout. Although most gyms have personal trainers, workout sessions often go unmonitored. Therefore, it is important to understand the correct positions for workouts and the right machines to use. A proper workout schedule takes into account the different muscle groups in order to ensure even muscle gain. Since muscle growth is dependent on stretching the muscle fibres of each muscle group, an even muscle gain requires strict obedience to the workout schedule. If you miss out on leg day, your upper body may appear disproportional to your lower body.


Be consistent

Muscle gain can be quick, only when you are consistent. The process of muscle growth relies on regular workouts. During a workout, the muscles develop micro-tears from the contractions over an opposing force. These micro-tears heal fast and result in the muscle being bulkier. Without the regular workouts the micro-tears formed tend to be smaller and heal slower, therefore, the change is almost insignificant. Workout regiments last different durations depending on your muscle gain target and your time frame. Within six weeks you muscles should start showing change while at twelve weeks the change will be evident. But all these results bank on consistency.


Eat well

Gaining muscle is dependent on a physiological process called muscle hypertrophy. Like all physiological processes, muscle hypertrophy is dependent on energy and substrates found food. Although a well-balanced diet is healthy, a protein-rich and carbohydrate-rich meal is ideal for muscle gain. This is due to the physical stress endured in a workout and the muscle repair required thereafter. Moreover, the number of meals in a day should not only be more but also well-distributed. It is advisable to stick to animal proteins due to the high protein level in the food and the amino acids present. Micronutrients are not to be ignored, therefore, a well-balanced diet is still important.


Try out some supplements

Workout supplements augment the whole process of muscle gain. Professional trainers, athletes and bodybuilders all use and recommend supplements to boost nutrient intake. Supplements are completely safe. There are popular supplements that are a must-have.

Gold Standard Whey

This is the most popular supplement and the gold standard puts a stamp on its highly reputable quality. Gold Standard Whey contains 24g of protein and 5g of branched-chain amino acids. It’s the best post-workout supplement to facilitate muscle repair and growth


Creatine is an ideal pre-workout supplement that provides support for immediate energy production. The compound helps muscle generate and circulate ATP quickly for intense activities lasting short durations like weight lifting. The supplement also has a role in protein synthesis.

Quest Bars

If you require a protein boost while on the go, Quest bars are a convenient selection. They are packed with nutrition, high in protein and fibre, and low in carbohydrates with no added sugar. Moreover, there are many flavours available to entice your taste buds.


Rest well

Although it’s obvious, resting is an important part of working out. A good rest allows your muscle to heal well and grow. Moreover, mental focus is rejuvenated following a good rest. Therefore, getting a good eight hours of sleep is an essential part of your workout regimen. Off days are also crucial to allow muscle repair.

If you follow these tips you will gain muscle within weeks of starting your workout.

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