Some Surprising Developments in Modern Dentistry

Dentistry has come so far. Once upon a time, we were making dentures out of things like other people’s teeth, animal teeth, ivory, and then later, porcelain. If you had to have dental work done your chances of a good anaesthetic were slim to none. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, we now have some incredible products on the market and dentists are making things as painless as possible for their patients.

Find out what some of the surprising developments in modern dentistry have been as we take a look at what’s been cool in recent times.

Dental Implants

Who would’ve ever thought we’d be sticking titanium screws into our mouths on a regular basis? When it comes to falsies, the best type you can get these days (if you’re suitable that is) is a dental implant. Dental implants involve fusing a titanium screw to your jaw and then adding a tooth cap over the top of that. This means they are very tough wearing and a lot less prone to falling out than other types of false or replacement teeth. While there are plenty of regular crowns about the place in dentistry, or partial dentures, the rise of dental implants cannot be ignored.


Remember back when braces were super ugly affairs, all metal and no smiles? That’s now becoming a thing of the past thanks to new technology like Invisalign that helps you to straighten and correct teeth while still be relatively aesthetically pleasing during the process. Invisalign is a clear retainer type device that requires regular check ups as it slowly moves teeth into line. Because the device is clear, it means that it fits snugly over teeth without being noticeable to other people. The other great thing about Invisalign? It’s not much more expensive than other types of braces.

Teeth Whitening

We all have our teeth get more stained throughout our lives which make the advent of regular teeth whitening quite a bit more exciting. We now have lots of options on the whitening front so that people can either whiten at home or in the dentist chair. Those who have done whitening in the past but felt like their teeth were too sensitive to the process will be happy to know there are now lines of whitening products made specifically for sensitive teeth – so you can go about your life without worrying about the pain of whitening.


Veneers are another way to get great looking teeth – you’ll see that our list is very looks focused! Veneers of times gone by often looked very fake and were often too long for people’s mouths. The new ranges of veneers can look very natural and provide a good way to get the teeth you’ve always dreamed of. Veneers are popular among those whose appearances are very important to them, either personally or professionally. While a full mouth of veneers may not be the cheapest thing you’ll ever buy, it might be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made.

Not all dentists will offer all of these services. It’s important if you are interested in a particular dental procedure or device that you research into which dentist is going to be the right one for you to see for that specific thing.  A good start may be stopping by your regular dentist and seeing what they have to say on the matter. After that, you might like to choose a specialist, depending on what you’d like to have done. While dentistry can be expensive, it’s often a good investment and can make you feel that much better about your smile.

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