The Effect Drugs And Alcohol Has On Your Sexual Performance

In our younger days, reveling was par for the course. In differing degrees, we lived for debauchery and pleasure. For some of us, that meant partying every night or finding as many sexual partners as we could. Others were way more intense, experimenting with abandon and frequently waking up in unfamiliar beds, with passably attractive people. They may have started as teens and kept it up through uni.

As we got older, we got slower though not necessarily wiser. For a lot of us, it wasn’t about jobs or responsibility. It was far more practical … and organic. The hangovers got worse, the tolerance got lower, and it just didn’t seem worth it to leave our cosy homes after 6pm. At this point, we may have settled into one or two beers a night, or maybe a glass of wine or a tumbler of whisky.

Smoking – at that point – is more of a habit than a choice, and if we’re using drugs, they’re probably the kind you get from a doctor. Still, even in these significantly reduced, your habits can still affect your sex life. Let’s look at some of the ways this can happen, and why you should cut down (or better yet, cut it out completely). It could be the thing that saves your sex life.

Dripping Liquid Courage

A few sips (or a few shots) might make you brave enough to talk to that hot girl or boy at the bar. But the type of person that relies on it may not be very clear on their limits. Often, the line between tipsy and drunk is a single sip, so you may not realise it until you trip over your own feet and end up in a white room with red stitches. A little alcohol can make you braver and – in your flawed perception – more interesting. A little more could turn you giggly and comedic.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Depending on what you’re drinking, how much of it you’ve had, how your body metabolisesalcohol, and whether you’re a happy, sad, angry, or handsy drunk, it can go horribly wrong. Because drunk people are rarely attractive, so unless your partner (for the night) is as drunk as you are, you’ll be going home alone. If you’re both inebriated, you might make it to each other’s bedrooms, but it’s likely you’ll throw up, fall asleep, or experience erectile dysfunction.

All these options make the night memorable, but not in the way you’d prefer. Doctors will tell you excessive alcohol is a leading cause of erectile issues, so the first thing they’ll ask you is how much you drink. Alcohol is also a diuretic. It drains your body fluid (through frequent urination), literally impeding your ability to fruitfully participate in sex. You’ll be tired, groggy, and dehydrated, none of which mark you as a must-have partner.

Ciggies And Beer

Alcohol affects judgement too, so whoever you spend the night with, whether you can perform or not you’re likely to regret it in the morning. As for smoking, it’s legal and unregulated. You can have five packs a day if you want to – there’s no alco-blow equivalent to stop you. Plus, the post-sex cigarette is a known trope. That said, nicotine thins your blood, which is why you’re asked to stop smoking two weeks before surgery. This directly affects circulation and blood pressure.

These two factors can prevent the penis and vagina from getting sufficiently engorged, so men risk early ejaculation while women have a harder time orgasming. Smoking also affects your lungs and breathing. This makes it difficult to exert yourself aerobically or athletically for prolonged periods, and there are few things as embarrassing as running out breath (and not in an orgasmic way). Or having coughing fits during sex.

Tobacco has been shown to influence your hormones, including testosterone, meaning they can actually diminish your libido. And they affect heart function, which goes back to the blood circulation issue. Thinner blood flowing at lower pressures is a lot less likely to sustain erections, ruining the sexual experience for both you and your partner. Other drugs have different effects including diminished motor function and impaired thinking. None of this is good for sex.

Doctor’s Orders

On occasion, the drug that’s affecting your sex life may be perfectly legal. Prescription medication frequently causes drowsiness, dryness, and lowered libido. So in the interest of maintaining your sex life while you’re on treatment, check in with your doctor. If your essential dose will influence your interest in your partner, ask if there’s an alternative. Or if the doctor has supplementary medication that can cancel out the low-libido effects.

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